Upcoming Trip Schedule

Destination Region Date* Cost** Status
Rwanda 2020 Africa Apr 23, 2020 to May 2, 2020 $1,900 Open
Middle East Refugee Trip#1 2020 Middle East Jun 5, 2020 to Jun 14, 2020 $2,000 Open
Haiti 2020 Caribbean Aug 1, 2020 to Aug 9, 2020 $1,400 Open
Middle East Refugee Trip #2 2020 Middle East Oct 1, 2020 to Oct 10, 2020 $2,000 Open
Lebanon 2020 Middle East Nov 12, 2020 to Nov 21, 2020 $1,800 Open
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Extending the Ability of the Missionary

Short-term mission work involves coming alongside ministries around the world to help and assist them in their ministry, in whatever capacity is needed. On trips, we have conducted Medical and Dental clinics, Business as Ministry (BAM) seminars, English as Second Language (ESL) camps, Computer and vocational training classes, food programs, children's and youth programs, and construction projects; taught Bible and Sunday school classes; held prison, home, and street outreaches;  ministered to the Persecuted Church; and engaged in personal evangelism and discipleship.

Medical & Dental Professionals

Our international Medical and Dental clinics have been one of our most effective ways of sharing the love of Jesus to people both practically and spiritually. We have treated tens of thousands of patients all around the world for many years.

On an annual basis, we have new medical/dental mission trips scheduled, but we are in need particularly of physicians, nurse practitioners, and dentists, to help in this effort. If you are in the medical profession, are a member of The Brooklyn Tabernacle or our sister churches, and are interested in participating in our medical missions, please contact us at missions@brooklyntab.org or 718-290-2003.

Trip Training/Requirements

In the fall of every year, mandatory trip information and training sessions are held for the trips that take place the following year; e.g., our trip information and training session in the fall of 2018 for 2019 trips. All prospective candidates must attend the trip training session. There will be a single training session for both veterans and new trip candidates who have never been on a trip.

Makeup sessions are not guaranteed, so please make every effort to attend the trip training. However, the first meeting of the new year typically will have a mini-trip orientation session as part of the meeting”

In addition to the mandatory trip training, attendance is highly recommended for Global mission meetings (i.e. Global General Meetings, Global Bible Studies) as part of the training for the trip. Attendance in these meetings will factor into the selection criteria for trip acceptance.

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