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Dad's + Kids Landers Camping Trip
Family Ministries
August 9th — 11th, 2019
  • Barryville, NY

Hello DADS!

Fatherhood is an important responsibility, and we can have a tremendous impact on our children. Camping trips are a great way to build relationships and memories with your kids.

We want to invite you and your kids 5+ years old for a fun time of camping and activities at Lander's River Trips on August 9th-11th. We will be rafting, fishing and having a fun-filled weekend of activities.

We encourage all DADS to mark this on their calendar and try to make every effort to join us.  If you know other DADS that you would like to invite, please share with them this opportunity for a fun-filled weekend.

It is sure to fill up fast, so be sure to register before its too late!


The Family Ministries

Adult (13 and Older) - $110.00
Child (7-12)
 - $85.00
Child (5-6) - $70 

Payment options are available via Brushfire, with half of the amount required as a down payment at the time of registration.  All payments are non-refundable.


  • Normally we raft from our campsite for ~6 miles (3 hours). This allows us to stop on the river edge to eat, to have lots of fun time in the water, and to explore the tunnels. We prepare lunch (sandwiches) in the morning and eat on the river. 


  • Your kids can fish in the river as we raft down. You need a small rod & reel with a lure. Dads (and kids 16 or older) need a NY or PA fishing license to fish. (
  • You can fish at the campsite on the river.            

Lander's River Trips
3909 NY-97

Barryville, NY 12719

We suggest you either download or print out the directions, considering the fact that 21 miles north of Port Jervis, there is no cell service.

For more information on the campsite, you may click here:


We have a simple food menu. If your kids have special food needs, you will have to provide that for your children.

Q: Do you need a tent?

A: We have lean-tos, so you can come without a tent; BUT you must let us know, because space is limited.  You can reach us by contacting us at .

Q: Do WE need sleeping bags?

A: No. We highly suggest bringing some; but if you do not have them, please bring blankets instead.

Q: Do we need chairs?

A: Yes, bring camping or folding chairs to sit at the campfire.

Q: What type of clothing is needed?

A: Please refer to the camping checklist on the downloads and forms tab.

Q: How is the cell service?

A: Cell service is basically non-existent above Port Jervis (including the campsite). The only place to get cell service is in Barryville (by the bridge) which is ~3 miles from the campsite. It also works at the cliffs!

Q: what is the menu for the weekend?                                                                      

A: We have put together a weekend food menu, which we can share with you.  If your child has special food needs, please let us know, but you will be expected to handle that yourself.  If you or your children have special food needs, you will need to supply your own food.

Q: Can my child bring their electronics with them?

A: This is an electronic-free weekend for the kids!  No cellphones, Gameboys, etc.

Q: What will be required of You as a dad for the weekend?

A:  We will need help with cooking and cleaning. Some will cook, and others will clean, while others will watch the fire and/or kids. 


  • This is VERY safe. You do not need to know how to swim; nor do your kids.
  • You do not need to know anything about camping.
  • You do not need special gear.
  • The river is very safe (and shallow).

If you have any other questions, please email us at    

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