The question of when we will be gathering together again has been the subject of much prayer and discussion by our church’s leadership. We are asking God for wisdom as we attempt to follow the guidelines of New York State and New York City regarding the timing for reopening our church campus. At the same time, we are making plans and putting protocols in place to ensure your safety and well-being when we are able to meet again. Stay tuned for updates as more information becomes available.  

In the meantime, we hope that you will continue to join us for Tuesday Prayer Onlinebeginning at 7pm; Sunday Worship Online, beginning at 9am; and weekday Devotions Onlinebeginning at 10am. We also invite you to check the Churchwide Announcements on our home page to learn about additional online events for each member of your family.

Do It All in the Name of the Lord

Friday, October 4, 2019

“…but you have made it a ‘den of robbers.’” (Mark 11:17 NIV)

One of the most stunning portraits of Jesus is that of him as he drove out of the Temple area the money changers and those who were buying and selling doves.  His righteous indignation, and the authority he exhibited just with his very presence, are striking.  Let’s remember that the people selling animals did belong near the Temple to help those who came to offer animal sacrifices, and so did the money changers who exchanged for local currency the money brought by Jews coming to Jerusalem from other parts.  Why then did Jesus take such forceful action?  Well, the sellers were indeed providing the animals, but they had placed a gouging uplift on the price, and the money changers were tacking on profit.  Those bringing merchandise through the Temple were carting these things, not to participate in the activities of the Temple, but in order to make big-time money.  In other words, they were in the Temple, but they didn’t have the spirit of the Temple.  Yes, they were doing their job, but they were bringing a secular spirit into a sacred place.

This applies to the body of Christ today.  What is important is not so much the fact that you’re doing God’s work, but why you’re doing God’s work.  In a day, for example, when gospel music has become more popular and even commercialized at times, we are reminded by this Scripture that we have to do God’s work with God’s spirit.  If you’re in a choir, it’s important to know, not only if you’re on your note, but also why you’re on your note.  Is it to glorify God, or is it for some other reason?  All the glory must go to Jesus Christ, whether we’re preaching, teaching, evangelizing, singing, or leading out in prayer.  God’s Word says, “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” (Colossians 3:17).  Let’s ask the Lord to help us accomplish this in every area of our lives.

Read Mark 11:15-18.

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