Let It Go! – Part 3

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

“The people then said to Samuel, ‘Who was it that asked, “Shall Saul reign over us?”  Turn these men over to us so that we may put them to death.’” (1 Samuel 11:12 NIV)

Although Saul had been anointed king by the prophet Samuel, the Bible says that there was a group of malcontents who said, “How can this guy save us?”  Nevertheless, to his credit, Saul was able to let it go, and instead of lashing out at them, he remained silent.  That was at the beginning of Saul’s kingship, when he hadn’t yet accomplished anything as king and was still timid. But after King Saul was victorious in his first battle, the people who were loyal and devoted to him, began to ask, “Where are those guys who disrespected the king at the beginning?  We want to kill them!”  So here’s the second lesson we learn from this story:  You have to be careful not to pay attention to friends and family members who may be vindictive, because they can pull you down.  Just because they support you, doesn’t mean they’re right.

People sometimes have this simplistic view:  “Well, they’re on my side, so I have to back up what they’re saying.”  No!  Sometimes people support you and love you, but they don’t have a clue about what God is doing in your life.   They could be nasty, as were the people surrounding King Saul who needlessly wanted to exact revenge.

Just think what would have happened if Saul had acted on their advice.  He would have lost the high ground and the opportunity to be a leader, all because he would have listened to supporters egging him on to kill some nobodies who had said something foolish when he was made king.  It’s a human tendency for a person to be tempted to get revenge when they get the upper hand.  When Saul was new as king, he was insecure, and though he had heard what the discontented group was saying, he let it slide.  But now he had the cheers of the people, and he could have had the disloyal people destroyed as his loyal supporters were urging him to do.  Again he let it go, however, ignoring the ill will of his posse.

So, always remember:  don’t listen to friends or family members or others who may support you, if they’re wrong.  It doesn’t matter that they’ve been with you for twenty years.  It doesn’t matter that they’re from your native country, or from your same race or ethnicity.  It doesn't matter that they hold your same political views.  It doesn’t matter that they’re boosting your ego.  You can’t back up the negative things they say or try to influence you to do.  If you do, you’re going to disqualify yourself from having God use you, because God wants you to obey his Spirit, not their spirit.

To be continued…

Read 1 Samuel 11:12-13.

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