Let It Go! – Part 2

Monday, August 19, 2019

“But some scoundrels said, ‘How can this fellow save us?’  They despised him and brought him no gifts.  But Saul kept silent.” (1 Samuel 10:27 NIV)

In order to serve God and be used by him to become a leader in God’s house in any small or big way, you have to have two kinds of skin:  You have to be tender like a baby toward God and toward the people to whom you’re ministering, but you have to have elephant skin when it comes to what the scoundrels are saying. There are many people who have a tenderness toward the Lord but don’t know how to ignore people who are foolish. Thus, with any little mosquito that goes by, they get discouraged and want to quit.  There are others, however, who only have elephant skin; and God can’t use them, because they have no sensitivity toward God or toward people’s needs.

So don’t concentrate on what “he said” or “she said.”  If people attacked and maligned King Saul—not to mention the apostle Paul and Jesus himself—it can happen to us as well.

Saul was very wise, for he said nothing in response to the naysayers.  He’s going to make a lot of mistakes in his kingship, but not this day.  No, this day, he lets the foolish people ramble on. Oh, how good it is to just ignore!  That’s more easily said than done, because we could easily get caught up, always obsessing over whether or not someone liked what we said, or wondering, “How about if I made a mistake?”  Sadly, there are people who have gone nowhere for decades because they’re worried about what people might think.  You have to know that even if God were to use you as he used John the Baptist, there would still be people criticizing it, so you have to just let it go!  You have to do what Saul did here.  Just ignore it and think to yourself, “You’re not going to take away my peace.  You’re not bothering me.  No, I know what God wants me to do, and God’s blessing me, so I’m keeping on…”

To be continued…

Read 1 Samuel 10:25-27.

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