Is This for Real? – Part 2

Sunday, July 28, 2019

“Then Abraham prayed to God, and God healed Abimelek, his wife and his female slaves…” (Genesis 20:17 NIV)

Abraham, the Father of Faith, prayed, and God sent supernatural help, reversing the judgment he had decreed on the household of Abimelek.  A negative situation turned into a positive one because a man prayed.

But, wait, there’s more!  Who was the guy praying?  It was the guy who had made the mess to begin with!  Abraham had faith, but he was human after all.  He had gotten fearful and had lied, saying that his wife Sarah was his sister; Abimelek had then taken Sarah for his own; and that was what had brought judgment on the people in that place.  What kind of power does prayer have, that a man who is wandering away from the truth and has fallen into a trap, can come to his senses, realize he’s wrong, pray, and have God still hear his prayer?  Is that for real?  Is there such power?  Do you mean to say that a human being can pray and change how God is treating people?  And on top of that, we’re talking about a man who was no stellar example of moral character, because he had just lied about who his wife was!

Is prayer so powerful?  Is God’s ear so open to the cry of his people that he can turn around a hopeless situation because a person has prayed?  You may say, “Let’s not get carried away.  God would have opened up the wombs of the women in Abimelek’s household anyway.”  But guess what?  He didn’t!  That is… until Abraham prayed.  Someone else may say, “No, Abimelek got it right when he told Abraham to leave and to take Sarah with him.  That was what changed the situation.”  No, God didn’t change anything until Abraham prayed!

Could it be that you and I are missing help from heaven, that there are deliverances that haven’t come into your life and mine, that there are churches all over New York City that are lifeless, that there are churches all throughout the country that don’t win souls, that fight and fuss and waste time and there’s no spirit of blessing upon them—all because we don’t pray?  Could it be that God would do whatever is needed in a second, if we would just pray?

To be continued…

Read Genesis 20:10-18.

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