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Disaster Relief
It seems almost every day that a new disaster strikes somewhere in the world. As the list of ministries that we oversee or partner with has grown, so has the likelihood that a disaster will strike these countries. We have responded as God enabled us.


In January 2010, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake destroyed much of the capital, Port-au-Prince and affected other Haitian villages and cities.  More than 220,000 people died.  More than 180,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.  More than 1.5 million were left homeless.  Nearly 5,000 schools have been damaged or destroyed.

For years, we have supported the work of two Haitian former members of our church that returned to Haiti as Missionaries.  They have served their respective communities with love and compassion.

Elsie Lherisson in Port-au-Prince, Haiti founded a Children’s Ministry called Caribbean Grace Tabernacle in 1995.  The day of the earthquake, Elsie miraculously escaped with her life when her apartment building collapsed around her.  She made it back to the ministry house where Caribbean Grace Tabernacle became a disaster relief center for the community.  Sadly, the ministry lost one child during the earthquake.  Teams from Brooklyn Tabernacle among others came to do medical/dental clinics for the community and refugee camps immediately after the disaster where thousands of patients were treated.  Food, water, tents and many other supplies were distributed to the community.  At present, up to 1,200 meals are provided every week for children and youth.  We teamed up with Neverthirst to provide more than 100 bio-sand water filtration systems to those in the community.

Bonite Affriany in Jacmel, Haiti founded Christ Love Center in 2005.  The ministry evolved into a church of at least 400 members.  The earthquake damaged or destroyed many buildings in Jacmel.  Bonite’s church became a disaster relief center for the community.  Sadly, 4 members of the church died in the earthquake.  The ministry had built a 4 family home for the poorest families in the community, but it collapsed (thankfully, no one died).  Many families have to live in tents or refugee camps and some continue to do so.  Since the earthquake, the ministry has provided countless meals, food packages, bio-sand water filter units, clothes, tents and other living supplies throughout the community.  Teams from Brooklyn Tabernacle have come and conducted medical clinics at the church and nearby refugee camps.  Bonite’s background as a registered nurse has enabled her to provide for ongoing medical care for the community such as during the cholera crisis.

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