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Girl in the Song


Girl in the Song

By Yolande Morris


“My life had once been wonderful, with so much to look forward to. How had things gone so terribly wrong?” – Chrissy Cymbala Toledo

With these words, Chrissy Cymbala Toledo takes readers on a journey of love, loss, despair, obsession and ultimate triumph, in her new book, “Girl in the Song.”

For those of us who attend the Brooklyn Tabernacle, we’ve all heard our Senior Pastor, Jim Cymbala reference his daughter Chrissy numerous times. She was the Prodigal daughter whose story has inspired thousands of pastors and parents around the world. Now, in her own words, Chrissy tells her story in heartbreakingly graphic detail. She gives readers a front row seat to everything that she was thinking, feeling and believing during that pivotal time in her life. This book is so riveting and so detailed; I found it extremely difficult to put it down. In fact, this book is so compelling that I would recommend it as an E for Everyone. Once you've read it, you'll also want to share this book with others. Specifically, I would share this book with the following people:

1. Young Women: This book is a must-read for all young women from thirteen to thirty dealing with feelings of rejection, doubt, hopelessness and isolation. This book points readers to the only source of satisfaction and redeeming love.

2. Parents: If you are a parent or you know a parent who is struggling with their rebellious teen, this book is for you. Chrissy's own story is part of the larger story of two parents, Jim and Carol Cymbala, who never stopped praying for their daughter. Indeed, Chrissy’s story takes center stage at one of the most important meetings at the Brooklyn Tabernacle -- the prayer meeting.

3. Anyone in need of a miracle: If you’re a Christian who has stopped believing in miracles, this book is for you. Maybe you're discouraged and tempted to give up or you've already given up because of fear, doubt or insecurity, this book will restore your faith in God and his perfect plan for your life -- no matter how far you've strayed.

BONUS: If you are in the New York City area, Chrissy Cymbala Toledo will be at MVMNT this Friday night, August 7th at 7PM for a live interview. She will also be sharing her at the Brooklyn Tabernacle, this Sunday, August 9th at 3PM. Don’t miss either opportunity to be encouraged by a life of hope and faith, and please invite a friend.

“Girl in the Song” is currently on sale wherever books are sold. Visit for more details.

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