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In case you missed our 2017 Trip Orientation Meeting...


Thank you to all of our trip participants and volunteers who shared the love of Jesus all around the world whether you taught English, acted in a skit, prayed with people, shared your testimony, drove someone to the airport or packed luggage. We all have different roles/gifts/talents and whether you went out, interceded or prepared teams – you were all part of our team. For those that weren't able to make the 2017 Trip Orientation/Training meeting on October 15, we have made a number of changes to our trip application process. We will no longer be using paper trip applications or character referrals. These will now be available only on the new Church Management System called CCB. Passport photos and passport copies will need to be uploaded in the new system, but please follow the passport photo guidelines.

We will be in need of specific skills depending upon the trip. Quick summary:

  • Nicaragua - Teachers (e.g. ESL, School, Computer), Pastry Chefs/Bakers (we will be helping with a new bakery that the ministry has started), Business Professionals (e.g. Entrepreneurs, Accountants, Marketing), Athletes, Artists and Spanish Speakers
  • Middle East - Medical Professionals (e.g. Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists) and Arabic Speakers
  • Rwanda - Teachers (e.g. ESL, School, Computer), Business Professionals (e.g. Entrepreneurs, Accountants, Marketing), Artists and French Speakers
  • Haiti - Teachers (e.g. ESL, School, Computer), Vocational Teachers (e.g. Sewing, Carpentry), Musicians and Artists and Creole Speakers
  • Taiwan - Teachers (e.g. ESL, School), Musicians, Artists, Basketball players and Mandarin Speakers
  • Malawi - Medical Professionals (e.g. Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists)
  • Philippines - Medical Professionals (e.g. Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists) and Tagalog Speakers

For most of the trips, even if you don’t have the specific skills, it’s still possible for you to be on a team. However, those with the listed skill/language will be given a higher priority. The Middle East team is the only one where we can only bring people with Medical or Arabic speaking backgrounds (apologies in advance). Trip Application: Also, EVERYONE must have a character referral filled out this year via the web-link. 2016 referrals will not count. Character Referral - [this needs to be sent to your pastor/leader] Other major points:

  • Payment schedules will be trip specific, but the general rule will be that we need the ticketing cost at least 3 months prior to the trip. If you aren’t able to make that deadline, you will automatically be put on Standby.
  • If you make payments late, there won’t be a guarantee that we will be able to get you a ticket so you will need to make payments as soon as you can to guarantee your seat. You may be asked to pay a cost difference if a flight costs more than the original batch of tickets are purchased.
  • No flight deviations will be allowed except for ministry purposes.
  • Ministry meeting attendance will be part of the trip selection criteria. We do not have formal training meetings outside of the Trip Orientation meeting so it will be expected that candidates attend as many of the Global Missions Bible Studies and Regular Meetings as possible.

We look forward to serving with you in God's global mission.

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