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Prayer Requests from the Field, Part 1: May 2015


Here is a snapshot of some of the Bklyn Tab International Ministries and their prayer requests.

Guyana/Smiths & Jurans

Ron and Edna Juran went to Belize last year long-term, but with the expectation that they will be available to go to other ministry locations that might need an extra hand or have special projects that the Jurans could assist with. The Smiths were heading to the USA for a break this month (Glennis shared in our Missions Meeting today) so we decided it would be a good time for the Jurans to go to Guyana for 4-5 weeks to relieve the Smiths for the first time. The Jurans began a children’s program with the children as well as a discipleship program called ‘Be Transformed’ for the workers. In addition, Ron is a civil engineer by training and he is now managing the Guesthouse construction project with the major funding that was sent by Bklyn Tab recently. This is going very well. The roof is now on and the ceiling and floor are being installed. The Smiths said that they’ve been doing a tremendous job and have wondered ‘how did we leave here so many times without having them here’. - Please continue to pray for the children’s spiritual growth and maturity. - We thank God for the provision for the Guesthouse Project and please pray that the construction project will be completed smoothly.

Figure: 2nd and 3rd floor frames and roof now added Figure: 2nd and 3rd floor frames and roof now added

IMG_0963 Figure: Preparing the Ceiling


Dominican Republic

Tabernaculo de Salvacion y Alabanza held a marriage retreat in April for 15 couples that was led by Pastors Michael and Maria Durso of Christ Tabernacle. Pastor Lorenzo from Christ Tabernacle led worship. It was an opportunity for the couples to get out of their daily routine and focus on their marriage relationship. It was a time of healing and refreshing and as they build the family, they build the church. - Please pray for continued healing, growth and unity in these marriages.

Figure: Marriage Retreat Figure: Marriage Retreat Grand Opening of ‘Casa TASA’: The church began renting and renovating a nearby house some months ago. They completed renovations and had their grand opening on Easter where they now will have their children’s church for Sunday and Tuesday. This has long been needed as the children had to meet under tents in the parking area which was very difficult. In addition, the church has begun a new health education/support ministry within the building.

Figure: Outdoor space in the new Children's Ministry building Figure: Outdoor space in the new Children's Ministry building - Please pray for the children and teachers as they now have ‘room to grow’ and also for their safety. - Please pray for the health program. However, armed robbery continues to be a serious problem in the neighborhood and a few weeks ago, after prayer ministry finished at the church one night, the leader of the prayer group was held at gunpoint at the front of the church. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt. - Pray for protection over the ministry. Additional prayer needed for healing: - Jose Pena was diagnosed with kidney failure and needs a kidney transplant and he also has osteoarthritis and is confined to a wheelchair. - Hantson has high BP and his wife Nadine has chronic pain throughout her body. - Mercedes Marmol will have an operation on her spine to relieve years of chronic pain. - Pastoras Cristina and Milly are both battling various degrees of health challenges.  

Navajo Nation/McKellers

Since February, the McKellers took in 4 children into their homes to raise them in a godly environment after the father died and the mother was battling alcoholism. They have custody until the end of the current school year, but they would like to keep them as they’ve brought much needed stability into their lives. The children have academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges. Just last night, Mark texted me saying the mother showed up at their house, possibly drunk, asking about money. We prayed that the children would be shielded from these things. - Please pray that God will work this all out so that these children will continue to be in a godly and stable living environment. Health Challenges: Gail recently had a biopsy done on some tissue from her foot and she’s been having a lot of trouble with both her knees. Mark has been having trouble with his arm. - Please pray that God will heal and restore their strength. Laborers: Mark & Gail oversee the new Young Adult ministry, Youth and Children’s church ministry at Broken Arrow Chapel. They have some workers, but they are seriously short-staffed. They are especially in need of a musician who can train/oversee the youth in worship music. In addition, the Assemblies of God has asked them to be more involved in youth ministry across the whole reservation, but they are already stretched as it is. They are praying how they can help to strengthen and encourage youth ministries around the reservation, but they will need help. - Please pray for laborers as the harvest is ripe, but laborers are few.  


Children’s VBS: Pila Christ Agape Church recently conducted a week long VBS (Vacation Bible School) program with 65 children attending. Bible lessons included lessons from Ruth, Judges, Samuel, Luke and Matthew. The final day was a graduation and award ceremony that parents and children attended.

Figure: Philippines VBS Praise Report:Water Baptism: It was a privilege for the church to have five precious souls enter the waters of baptism on May 2. The ages ranged from 13 to 75 years old. Youth/Teens: Please pray for our teenage group ages 15 -18 to maintain sexual purity. There is peer pressure among teenagers to have boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. Teenage pregnancy is rising quickly in this nation and it's also affecting the Christian community as well. P Alland has been encouraging the youth to focus on the Lord and their education. - Please pray that they not yield to this kind of temptation, but that Christ may supply strength in this area of their life. Adopting Emily: The Ildefonsos have been taking care of little Emily for several years now and started the process of formally adopting her. All documents were submitted to the court and now it is in the hands of the judge for a decision; the process will take two to three months before a decision. - Please pray for a favorable decision. Typhoon: About 20 storms and typhoons hit the Philippines annually. The strongest was Typhoon Haiyan which devastated central Philippines in 2013. A new typhoon is nearing the islands this weekend. - Please pray the typhoon will pass by without causing harm or damage.

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