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Dominican Republic Feb 2015 Update


Pastora Cristina and Rafael


Prayer Requests: - Continue to pray for their marriage, that God would continue to strengthen them and keep them. - For Pastora Cristina’s health. She has two hernias in her neck and is required to wear a neck collar to strengthen the upper part of her spinal chord. Please pray for a speedy recovery. She will be in treatment for a month. - For Rafael’s health who is struggling with sleep apnea. Also, for God’s grace in the transition of moving from the U.S. to the Dominican Republic.


Pastora Milly and Brittney

Prayer Requests: - For grace, health and continued strength for Pastora Milly. - For Brittney, for grace as she is in her first year of studies in college.


Rhayna and Lucas


Prayer Requests: - That God will continue to build their marriage and their family, health and protection for Jeremy and Karina. - For Rhayna, for God’s guidance in her responsibilities in logistics and leading the Women’s Ministry and for Lucas, wisdom in leading Prayer Ministry.


Tabernaculo de Salvacion y Alabanza


Prayer Requests: - Pray for Pastora Cristina in shepherding the people God has placed in the church, for Pastora Milly in her responsibilities in administration and for all the deacons and leaders in the church. - Pray for the future construction of our church. We need God's favor with every person who will be involved in the construction. - Pray for the house that we began to rent for our Children's Ministry programs and other programs that will be based from this new building.


Special Prayer Request:

Brother Jose Pena, who was diagnosed with kidney failure. He needs an urgent kidney transplant. He, his wife, and three children attend our church.


Kilometer 36 Church Annex

We celebrated in our KM 36 church annex building the wedding between Maria Brigida Campos Lopez and Manuel de Jesus Frias. This couple attended our church annex from the beginning, with Brigida functioning as one of our leaders there. They have recently married legally and they had the ceremony in the church. It is a great testimony for the people of KM 36, many of whom have common law marriages. Humanitarian Work Operation Blessing - Pray for God’s help with our next distribution of medicines to hospitals, clinics, and churches who hold medical clinics. For God to be glorified not only in every step of distribution, but also that everyone who receives medicines will be greatly ministered to by the love of God. 1A1 (Human Trafficking) - At the end of this month of January, we will have training for facilitators. Pray that God will continue to give us strength as we prepare for the next stages in our plan for the prevention of human trafficking in the Dominican Republic.

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