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BAM (Business As Ministry) NYC Conference Oct 24 - 25


How do we view our workplace? Is it a place just to make money? Do we look at work as a necessary evil? How do we view ministry? Is it only something we do at church? Is it something we do when we are with a team from church doing a street outreach? How do we view missions? Is it only helping the poor, the widow and the orphan with food programs or social services? How do we share the Gospel to people in a 'restricted' nation where traditional ministry workers are not allowed to enter? Early in my working career on Wall St, I viewed work as a place where I tried to make money, climb the corporate ladder and socialize with my co-workers. I also tried to be a decent Christian by not cursing or participating in vulgar jokes, but that was the extent of my faith in the workplace as I was slowly backsliding. Later, after having a personal revival in my dormant faith, I began to view my workplace differently. It became my ministry field where I began to share my faith more openly with co-workers of every kind of faith, belief and non-belief. I began seeing my friends as souls that also needed to hear the Good News. We began to have many good dialogues and conversations. Many of them would never come to a church so I realized that I would need to bring church to them. In doing so, I had to unite the 'secular' and 'sacred' divides that we've mostly put into place in our businesses and workplaces. We tend to separate these into their own spheres and not consider our work or business as ministry, but in my opinion, our work or business IS full time ministry. For those who have their own business, you can use your business for ministry. Next Friday and Saturday, we are hosting a Business As Ministry Conference where we will have key speakers who have successfully bridged this divide in some of the most challenging places in the world. These are countries where traditional ministry workers are not allowed. So, they have made their businesses intentionally missional and they have seen people come to Christ through their businesses. Some of the topics will include: - Business - The Key to Unlocking Closed Doors - Creating a Kingdom Business - Practical ways to share your faith at work - Case Study of a business in East Asia that has resulted in churches planted - Case Study of an emerging market business that has impacted thousands of lives - How to use our gifts, jobs and work experiences to shine the light of Jesus in the workplace - Dealing with missions in a changing world - Numerous workplace lessons The conference is open to all, not just Missions Ministry members. There is a pre-registration site at and the costs and other details are listed there. We look forward to seeing you. God bless, Pastor Park

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