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Day 22: "Devoutly Wrong" Acts 2:5


It’s fascinating and sobering to think that it is possible to be passionate, a good person, and hard working, and still be wrong. Even scarier to me, is the thought that I could be so devoutly wrong and self-righteous, that I could be totally hardened to godly correction. Even if we attend church every single week, I could honestly be in a bad place within my heart.

It’s so important that as we pursue true devotion to Jesus, that we remain teachable and open to correction. The thermometer of our devotion and maturity is our response to God’s truth.

Real truth will always have its source from the Bible, but the channel of that truth could come from a friend or a parent. It may come from a pastor or a trusted leader. Your response to truth, though the truth can hurt, will be the gauge of how truly devout you are as a follower of Jesus. I’m still being challenged and humbled by this thought today.

Let’s stay teachable and open to correction so that we can be great for Jesus and a positive impact to those around us. If 2014 will be different and greater for us all, then let’s be devoutly correctible, teachable, and humble.


Pastor James Christian Mejia

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