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Day 21: "Walking Into Destiny" Acts 1:20


As your pastor, I want you to view every opportunity to obey as an opportunity that will walk you into your destiny. I believe today’s audio blog will encourage you to see these “small things” that have been required of you as part of the process of discovering God’s plan for you. These “chores” will not only prepare you in character, but they may have you bump right into a key person or situation that will open the door of greatness for you.

God wants to make Himself known through you. This great plan is amazing and exciting, but that plan has a passcode: O-B-D-E-D-I-E-N-C-E. Who knows what God may have in store when your mom asks you to take out the trash or run to the grocery store? That may be a set up for a moment that could shift the course of your life. For that reason, be consistently obedient to your authorities and to God. Obey, keep your eyes open, and get ready.


Pastor James Christian Mejia

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