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Day 20: "Control Freaks and Faith" Acts 1:7


There is a subtle difference between getting clear directions and simply receiving guidance. Getting direction will only requires you to follow all the steps that have been laid out before you. Guidance is different. Guidance is personal and relational. Guidance requires faith, trust, and obedience in the one who is leading you like a friend and not a phone app. Following God’s guidance will help us let go of trying to understand everything and placing our faith in the one who is guiding.

If you are dealing with fear and insecurity about the future or perhaps you think that life has to be perfectly mapped out in order to proceed to the next step, then this audio message is for you!

I know with total assurance, that God has it all worked out. God knows exactly where you’ll end up, even if you don’t know at the moment where it may be. God, for good reasons, decides how much information to share with us. Jesus desires for you to hold His hand and trust Him as He leads you from place to place.


Pastor James Christian Mejia

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