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BT Kids!

What a day to remember!On November 24th, 2013, our BT KIDS! ages 3-12 took over the main sanctuary and put on a very special BT KIDS! Night for the entire congregation.The children sang, shared, danced, laughed, worshipped and had a fantastic time.We so appreciate Pastor Cymbala and the church leadership for allowing us this opportunity – and we are so appreciative to everyone who came out to support the youngest members of our church family!

In preparing for this event, the children worked very hard.They had to learn all of their worship dance moves BACKWARDS since they would be facing the opposite direction on the platform.Some of our children who were assigned to read a portion of a testimony even decided to memorize it so that they could give their absolute best.Most importantly, for weeks beforehand, we prayed for the event at our Elementary services.Some of the children led out in prayer, asking that the Lord would speak to their non-Christian friends and family members who were coming to see them onstage.They took initiative in inviting their classmates, relatives, friends, neighbors and anyone else they could think of.In fact, some of them went above and beyond!One of our 7-year-old BT KIDS!, Kaitlin, took the initiative to create her own flyers for the event and asked her mother if she could make some copies at work.Her mother thought that these were going to be just for her friends at school – but instead she started handing out flyers to everyone that they encountered on their walk home from school!I also had children coming up to me each week leading up to BT KIDS! Night, excitedly telling me about the friends from school that were coming who didn't believe in God, or the relative that was coming to see them perform who ordinarily would never set foot in a church.

On BT KIDS! Night itself, the children absolutely shone with the love of Jesus.We set high behavior standards and expectations for the children and taught them the importance of taking ministry seriously – and they absolutely rose to the occasion!They waited patiently in lines, crossed the street in the FREEZING cold just to wait some more… resisted the VERY difficult temptation of playing with their glow necklaces and glow bracelets… and then marched right up on stage filled with the joy of the Lord!

The BT KIDS! Elementary staff are so proud of all of BT KIDS! and volunteers for an incredible job.We can't wait for BT KIDS! Night 2014!

(disclaimer – this flier was first created for our original BT KIDS! Night date back in September)

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