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The Power of Prayer

BT Kids!

Yesterday was Tuesday, November 5th, 2013.It was an important day in New York City.That was the day that we elected our next mayor.I would imagine that just thinking about the transfer of power, control, and responsibility coming their way would be a little overwhelming for any person coming into office as the Mayor of New York City.Yesterday was an important day for another reason, though.Every year on election night, REMIX (Tues night class for preteens) has a prayer meeting.We pray for the position of any NY-related office that is up for election.We pray for the candidates and their families.We pray for all people in authority over us (i.e. parents, teachers, police officers, older siblings, BT KIDS! workers, etc.)Finally, we lift up whatever prayer requests the preteens give us.

Usually, I will select a few short Bible stories that either show the power of prayer or suggest things that we should pray about.We name a topic that we are about to pray about and all of the preteens – to which this topic pertains – will stand as we pray for them.

Last night, we had a great time as we saw pockets of preteens standing up for the different needs that we covered in prayer yesterday.I was so encouraged as I saw their faith building with each prayer request we brought before the Lord.Some of them started suggesting things that we hadn’t covered.Others would agree with the ones suggested by their peers. It was amazing!

While the transfer of responsibility might be daunting for our Mayor-Elect, I know one Person who gladly accepts when we “transfer power” to Him.God is never overwhelmed by how many people are crying out to Him at any given time. He doesn’t get upset if a preteen group brings 10-12 requests to Him in an hour’s time.The Bible says in 1 Peter 5:7 to “turn all your worries over to Him.He cares for you” (NIV).That’s exactly what the preteens did last night.I thank God for this remnant of prayer warriors that He is building in New York City.

By James Powell

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