You Will Never Be Put to Shame

Thursday, June 6, 2019

“Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame.” (Romans 10:11 NIV)

Today is a day that is calling for faith.  The newspaper headlines are screaming out on a daily basis, it seems, about atrocities being committed all over the world by enemies hiding in plain sight.  World financial markets are reeling and there is turmoil and instability everywhere.  The news reports are dire and the prognostications are for more of the same.  We can’t go by feelings; we can’t go by what we see, and we can’t go by what we hear.  We’ve got to put our faith in God and say, “The same God who sent his Son to die for my sins so that I might live, is the same God who is still sitting on his throne, and he will have the final word on everything.”

God didn’t give us a spirit of fear.  We can’t listen to doomsday folks who only want to talk about “the devil doing this and the devil doing that.”  I don’t care what the devil is doing; I want to know what God is doing!  He’s going to take care of his people, and we’re not going to give in to baser instincts that can kick in when we’re fearful.  Instead, with God’s love poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, we’re going to love everybody.  We’re going to love Muslims, we’re going to love Christians, we’re going to love black people, we’re going to love white people, we’re going to love rich people and we’re going to love poor people.  We’re going to love everybody, because God is love!

Lean on people in times such as these, and you’ll be disappointed; lean on politics and the economy, and you’ll be disappointed; lean on your own understanding and you’ll be disappointed; but if you put your trust in God, you will never be put to shame!

Read Romans 10:5-13.

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