The Promise – Part 4

Friday, May 31, 2019

“On hearing his words, some of the people said, ‘Surely this man is the Prophet.’ Others said, ‘He is the Messiah…’” (John 7:40-41 NIV)

Jesus promised that whoever came to him and believed in him would have rivers of living water flowing from within.  Notice that he promised, not a few drops, but rivers—plural.  He is still saying today, “If you’re serious about coming to me, and you put your trust in me, I’m not going to give you a little faucet that you have to get under to try to drink.  No, you’re going to have rivers of living water” … Imagine the Amazon and the Nile and the Mississippi Rivers, all flowing together.  Such is the enormity of what Jesus has to offer.  

Not only will he satisfy your need, but there’s also going to be an outflow of living water from within you that will help others who are thirsty.  The sign of a healthy Christian is not someone who just says, “Oh, I’m satisfied with Jesus,” but someone who is always asking, “Whom can I help?  Whom can I bless?  Whom can I love in Jesus’ name?”  But oh, how few Christians live with rivers flowing out of them.  Many are just trying to make it through.  The promise Jesus made is so great, that it may be hard for us to believe.  But what he said is true:  “You’ll have rivers of living water, if you’ll just come to me and drink.”

So what does it mean to come to him?  Jesus defines it by explaining, “If anyone believes in me…”  To come to him is nothing physical.  It’s your heart, your soul, your mind, trusting him and saying, “Jesus, give me what I long for!”  Anyone who comes to him and believes and trusts him and asks, will find his promise to be true.

But what does it mean to trust?  It means to lean your whole being on someone or something.  That’s a picture of what many of us do, but we lean on the wrong things:  We lean on people, we lean on our jobs, we lean on our education, we lean on our bank accounts.  Today’s society also leans heavily on entertainment.  Can you imagine how empty people must be to put so much emphasis on Hollywood movies, for example, when so many involve pure fantasy?  There’s Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, the Fantastic Four, and a host of other fictitious characters.  What’s unbelievable is that people are debating and discussing them as if they were real.  “What’s your favorite superhero?” they ask one another, and a heated debate usually ensues.  It’s entertaining, but we can’t put our trust in it, because we can’t lean on someone or something that's not real.

As Christians, we should have a ready answer in the superhero debate:  “Jesus is my superhero!”  We can lean on him, because our God is a rock, and he’s not moving!  He will hold me up in a storm or when my legs get weak or when I’m attacked by the enemy.  I can just lean on God.  He never moves, and his throne doesn’t shake!

We would be foolish not to put our whole trust in him today….

Read John 7:37-44.

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