Bread from Heaven – Part 3

Friday, May 10, 2019

“Each morning everyone gathered as much as they needed, and when the sun grew hot it melted away.” (Exodus 16:21 NIV)

What is this manna that God provided to the Israelites in the Old Testament, and how does it apply to you and me today?  After all, we’re not Israelites wandering in the desert on our way to the Promised Land.  Nevertheless, the manna was the daily food that God provided for the physical nourishment of his people; and we too need physical nourishment everyday.  That is why the Lord taught us to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread.”  But Jesus went further when he said that he is the bread of life.

We partake of Jesus, the bread of life, when we read God’s Word and the Holy Spirit makes it alive.  As we meditate on his promises, we get stronger; for just as our natural being needs food, our spiritual being needs food.  If we feel our spirit getting thin, because that’s the way it is some days, we’ve got to stop and get the Word of God in us.  No matter what physical nutrition we take in at those times, it will not satisfy, because it’s our spirit that’s hungry—not our belly.  So we have to feed it with the Word of God.  We also partake of Jesus as the bread of life as we spend time in his presence.  There are continual, new infillings and visitations of the Holy Spirit available for us.  How much?  However much we need; however much we want.  God is not holding back.  If we ask greatly, we’ll receive greatly.  “According to your faith, be it unto you,” the Word says.

But how do we get this manna—this daily bread?  Well, let’s say I were an Israelite, in a tent with my family.  My neighbors might call out to me early in the morning, saying, “God did it again!  The manna is out there!  It’s on the ground!”  And I would respond, “Praise God, he is faithful!”  But I would have to do more than just praise God for his faithfulness.  Notice what the command was to the Israelites:  Every morning you have to go out and get it.  They didn’t have to earn it.  It was already there on the ground, but they had to pick it up! 

Aren’t a lot of Christians today just praising God and saying, “Isn’t he faithful?” while they’re starving to death?  They don’t have the grace they need, they don’t have the power they need, they don’t have the strength they need, they don’t have the peace they need, they don’t have the joy they need.  Why?  Because God isn’t faithful?  No, the supply is there!  But we have to get it!

To be continued…

Read Exodus 16:21-26.

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