I Know Your Deeds – Part 4

Sunday, April 28, 2019

“… hold on to what you have until I come.” (Revelation 2:25 NIV)

After a number of years serving the Lord, some may think, “Well, I’ve come to a certain place in God and, praise God, I’m not what I used to be!”  But isn’t it the truth that there was once a time in your life when there was more fervency?  More love?  A time when you were more involved in the work of the Lord?  Oh, I know you have a reason.  We all have reasons.  We all have excuses:  “I got married, and now I have to pay the bills so I have to work overtime on Sundays…  I can’t go on that missionary trip because I need the money for that new sofa I saw online…  I’d love to go to prayer meeting, but I have to get together with the people in the office so I can get ahead in my job…”  And the next thing you know, you’re going backwards.  You’re not doing more; you’re doing less.  But Jesus said to the church in Thyatira, “I commend you.  You’re doing more!” (See Revelation 2:19)

How many Christians do you know that are doing more at the end of twenty to thirty years than when they first started out?  Sadly, the tendency is to go up for a little while and then level off; but the minute you plateau, you start going down, because Satan starts robbing what you have.

Here’s a challenge for all of us:  Let’s not allow the enemy to rob us of what we have.  Let’s not go backwards.  Let’s get more.  You may say, “But I do love God.”  Then love him more!  “But I do love my fellow Christians.”  Guess what?  The Lord can help you love them even more!  There’s no place where God says, “That’s it; that’s all I can give you.  He has more for us in every area of our lives: more revelation of the Word, more understanding of the Bible, more fluency and boldness when we speak to others about Christ.  Do you pray?  Do you have faith?  Have you seen God answer prayer?  There’s greater faith available!  Have you been sealed with the Holy Spirit?  You can experience him in a fresh way!  There’s more hope; more perseverance; more joy; deeper peace.  Whatever you can name, God has more for us.  What we have to do is to keep pursuing more.  The church to which Jesus was writing in the book of Revelation didn’t say, “Praise God, we made it.  We’re the church of Thyatira!”  No, they didn’t stop; and we can never stop!  Always rejoicing yet always reaching …  Always thanking God for what we have, but always saying, “More, Lord!”  He will answer that prayer!

Read Revelation 2:24-29.

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