Do What You Can

Sunday, October 8, 2017

“She did what she could; she poured perfume on my body to prepare it ahead of time for burial.” (Mark 14:8 GNT)

The woman who anointed Jesus as he sat having dinner was misunderstood by other people.  They didn’t or couldn’t understand how a deep love for Jesus would make her seemingly waste valuable perfume.  Don’t let other people’s opinions hinder your worship and service to Christ.  It's for him anyway, and not them.  Jesus reminded all of us of another good lesson when he simply said, “She did what she could.”  The lady wasn’t a great preacher or missionary or rich donor.  But she did what she could, and that’s all that mattered.  Let’s do what we can today, and let’s not worry about a thousand other “what ifs.”

Read Mark 14:1-9


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