Let God Make You Strong

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

“Make us strong again, and we, your people, will praise you.” (Psalm 85:6 GNT)

This Psalm was evidently written when God’s people were recovering from a difficult situation—probably a captivity after which they were returning to their land.  Today we don’t talk about returning to lands.  In fact, in the New Testament, after the gospels, there isn’t even any other mention of Calvary or of Jesus’ tomb.  That’s because Christianity is not about places; it’s about a relationship with God; it’s about having the life of Jesus inside you through the Holy Spirit.

So how does this Psalm apply to us today?  Most of us are command-oriented, and we can think of many verses where God tells the people, “Come back to me.”  Here, though, the Psalmist humbles himself completely, saying, “God, you bring us back.  You make us strong.”  We see that he is throwing it back on God, thus implicitly acknowledging that the people were too weak to revive themselves or help themselves in any way.  This is foreign to many of us, who perhaps grew up with the commands, but with no one to tell us that God himself would do it for us.  And so we fail time and time again, because while we do put our trust in Jesus Christ for our salvation, once we’re saved we go back to the heavy lifting of trying to do it on our own. 

Today, if you feel you have lost your first love, or you feel weary and dry inside because of the cares of this world, say with the Psalmist, “God, revive me and make me strong again!”  He will do it for you!

Read Psalm 85 in its entirety.


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