Hope for a Troubled World

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

“In the same way, I tell you, the angels of God rejoice over one sinner who repents.” (Luke 15:10 GNT)

Christians get involved in all kinds of activities, from small group meetings to choir practices to fund raising activities, and these are all good and can serve as an encouragement to believers as we spend time with one another.  But we must remember that the angels don’t rejoice over a Bible study or a choir song.  They rejoice when one sinner repents!  Therefore, we have to make sure that in the midst of all of the activity, we are carrying out the Great Commission to share the good news of Jesus.  In these uncertain times, we can offer hope to a troubled world.  As we seek his guidance, the Holy Spirit will provide us with opportunities to share the gospel, both individually and collectively.

Read Luke 15:8-10 on the parable of the lost coin.


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