A Sacrifice Pleasing to God

Sunday, September 10, 2017

“In the same way, for seven days offer to the Lord a food offering, an odor pleasing to him.  Offer this in addition to the daily burnt offering and wine offering.” (Numbers 28:24 GNT)

In the same way that Old Testament sacrificial offerings were an odor pleasing to God, every part of our lives today can make the Lord Jesus happy.  Our words and responses to people can bring glory to him as he sees our desire to be more like him.  As we help others in matters both large and small, God will certainly delight in the fact that we are radiating his love outward.  Even our thought life can please him as we meditate on God's goodness and give him continual thanksgiving from our hearts.

God, help our lives to be a sacrifice that is pleasing to you today!

Read Romans 12:1-2.


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