An Excuse for Sin?

Friday, September 1, 2017

“What, then?  Shall we sin, because we are not under law but under God’s grace?  By no means!” (Romans 6:15 GNT)

Thank God that we are not under the law, but under God’s grace!  But we can’t let his grace be an excuse for living any old way we want, claiming that God will forgive us in the end anyway.  In fact, if we want to see answers from God, we can’t be dealing in an underhanded way with our Creator.  We can’t practice sin and ask God, who is holy, to help us in another area while we are holding onto the sin that his Word tells us he is totally against and opposed to.  The Bible says that everything is laid bare before God.  That includes our hearts.  We all sin, but his Word says that if we confess our sins he’s faithful and just to forgive us.  Yet what is not acceptable is living in sin, and being comfortable that way.  Let’s thank God for his grace, which is his unmerited favor; and let’s ask the Holy Spirit to help us to walk in a manner worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Read Romans 6:15-23.


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