Zeal and Wisdom

Monday, August 28, 2017

“Zeal for your house consumes me.” (Psalm 69:9 NIV)

There are two things that are vital for us to have in order to do the work of the Lord effectively:  i.e. “zeal” and “wisdom.”  We see from the prophetic Scripture verse above that the Lord had great zeal for the house of the Lord, and as his bondservants, we need to have it as well.  It is this zeal that keeps us excited about God’s work, ever expecting him to do great things, looking forward to being a part of that work, and having the spiritual energy that will drive us to believe him even for the seemingly impossible.  The Lord will also impart wisdom, as we ask, so that we will know the appropriate time, place, and actions necessary as we are driven by our zeal for the work of the Lord; and when it is time to rest and wait upon him for direction and confirmation of his word.  Thank God that a holy zeal is not only for the new believer who is amazed by the new life in Christ that he or she has come into, but for all of us who love Jesus and are looking for him to do a mighty work in our world today.  He will not only give us that zeal, but the wisdom that must accompany it.

Read Psalm 69:9-18.


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