Poised Christians

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

“As Paul defended himself in this way, Festus shouted at him, ‘You are mad, Paul!’ …Paul answered, ‘I am not mad, Your Excellency! I am speaking the sober truth. King Agrippa! I can speak to you with all boldness…” (Acts 26:24-26a GNT)

The Apostle Paul had to confront angry mobs in his travels, and to defend himself before those in authority.  But the folks he addressed were not always receptive or civil.  In fact, our Scripture passage for the day shows that he was mocked because of his faith.  Yet Paul remained poised and calm, ready to provide a defense of the gospel message in any and every situation.  We can expect the same in our own lives.  Though most of us are not experiencing the hardships that Paul went through, we do face opposition and people who mock us when we share God’s Word.  Like the Apostle, we too can remain poised – without being embarrassed or provoked to anger – and speak God’s Word with all boldness through the help of the Holy Spirit.  That help is available to us today!

Read Acts 26:19-32 to see part of Paul’s defense before the civil authorities.

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