Who Will Go? – Part 2

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

“Philip went down to a city in Samaria and proclaimed the Messiah there.” (Acts 8:5 NIV)

The Bible tells us that persecution broke out against the early church in Jerusalem; and, as a result, all of the believers were scattered except for the apostles.  What was amazing was that everywhere the scattered believers went, they preached the word; and people got saved.  Why?  Because the lay people were doing all kinds of great things in the name of Christ!

Stephen and Philip were deacons, appointed to distribute food to widows, but they got their own ministry.  No one ordained them, but they just did it because God was with them.  When God is with you, you don’t need a title; you don’t need a name; you don’t need anything!  “Oh, if I could only have a position!” some might say.  You don’t need a position… just do it!  People with positions aren’t doing it, so why don’t you share the good news?

All God asks us to do is make contact; talk; pray; watch; be bold.  We have to look for opportunities to tell people, “This is the greatest thing that ever happened in my life, and I want you to know it:  Jesus changed my life!  He’s not a doctrine; and it’s not about church, although I’d like to invite you to come to church with me to see all the other people whose lives have been changed!  Come on, mom, dad, son, daughter, friend, neighbor, coworker…. Before it’s too late.  I’m not better than you.  I’m a sinner saved by grace.”  And notice:  when you open your mouth, God will give you wisdom.  But you have to open your mouth!  Some of us are asking for wisdom before we go; and God says, “Go, and then I’ll give you the wisdom.” Some may be waiting until they’re fully prepared, and they have been waiting for forty years!  We have to go as we are and open our mouths.  And God says, “I’ll not only give you the words to speak and share the good news; I’ll give you my power backing you up!”

So what the early believers knew about Jesus, they shared.  That’s it!  And everyone was a soul winner.  They were bold.  They were strong.  They weren’t perfect; so that means you and I can do it!

Read Acts 8:26-40.


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