When God’s People Pray – Part 1

Thursday, July 20, 2017

“Those who accepted [the] message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day.” (Acts 2:14-41 NIV)

It was in a building on Atlantic Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn that our church began all those years ago.  Just a block from the church, there were prostitutes on the corner plying their trade, and there was heroin addiction everywhere around us.  The place where we were meeting was rundown; it was so depressing that even I didn’t want to come to church sometimes, and I was the pastor!   

On Sundays, I would come around the corner on Fourth Avenue, make a right on Atlantic Avenue, and I would get this sinking feeling— especially if the weather was bad— that there might be only seven or eight people in church that week.  How would we pay the bills?  What would I preach on?  Would I hold the people’s attention? 

And one Sunday, I remember getting up to preach, but the atmosphere was so dark, so heavy, that I broke down and stopped within five minutes of this little sermon that I had; and I said to the people, “Look, something’s wrong here. We have to pray.”  That’s the kind of discouragement we were fighting — the kind of problems;  the kind of attacks Satan was throwing at us from the very beginning.  

And it was only through calling on God and seeing him impart his grace that we were able to keep going and then start to see progress and to see people’s lives changed; and a church began to grow!  But this is the promise in Bible.  The early church began against insurmountable odds.  But they prayed in an upper room, the Spirit was given, and the next thing you know, God was multiplying the church!

He still wants to do that today!

Read Acts 2:14-41


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