Ask for God's Direction

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

“David asked God, ‘Shall I attack the Philistines?  Will you give me the victory?’  The Lord answered, ‘Yes, attack!  I will give you the victory!’” (1 Chronicles 14:10 GNT)

What blessings we miss and what needless trouble we bring upon ourselves by not asking God for direction and wisdom before we make decisions.  Going to war with the Philistines wasn’t a moral question like stealing or lying.  On those subjects the Bible is abundantly clear as to what we should do.  But there are other decisions that we must make, which may not involve morals but might dramatically affect our future welfare.  What to do?  Ask your heavenly Father for his guidance to gain understanding as to what the Lord’s will is concerning the situations facing you.  Do it today and be confident he will answer.

Read 1 Chronicles 14:8-17 for more about how God led David.


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